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Welcome to my little sewing corner. This is where you can find out about the latest goings on at Sew Shaw Towers, in and out of the sewing room.
January 2016
I'm back! Wowee, I did not expect to close my books for so long, but I have been busy with a very special project: we have welcomed our newest member to Sewshaw Towers, a little girl Sewlette! She's adorable, we are all thrilled. I'll be opening my books in February, and I have several hundred emails to wade through first. I have come to accept that I can not possibly take on all the poorly toys that people email me about, but at least I can do what I can. So let's open up that shiny new 2016 diary, and let the bookings begin! Happy New Year!

July 2014
The eagle-eyed among you will notice things have been quiet here for a while. Following a tough year in 2013, I have been battling illness of my own, which made it necessary to shut the order book for a while. I am now starting to take on new work, but with over 200 enquiries awaiting a response, I just cannot take on all the work that comes my way. This makes me sad, but I am just one woman, with two young Sewlets to look after. I can not do it all. During my time away, I have been working on a new pricing structure. I know my prices are not for everyone, so now potential customers can see what sort of money is involved before emailing. I hope this will make things clearer, and avoid disappointment. It sure feels good to pick up a needle and thread once more!

Sew x

December 2013
What a crazy few months. I've been ill, Mr Sew's been ill, both Master Sew and Baby Sew (now Toddler Sew) have been ill. Add to that Christmas Carol Concerts, Nursery visits, and a few trips to the dentist for 'simple' treatment that keeps getting more complicated, and you will see why I have had to close my waiting list temporarily to allow me to catch up with repairing all the poorly toys, patiently sitting on the shelf in my sewing room, waiting their turn. Oh, and did I mention Christmas? At least being ill (or sitting up all night with poorly Sewlets) is a good chance to do a LOT of online shopping. Have just remembered I need to make Toddler Sew a stocking (he was only a few days old last Christmas). I have that scheduled in for a spare hour sometime on the 24th.......
Merry Christmas!
Sew x
September 2013
The very sad news I received in April turned out to have an unexpected happy ending, so that was amazing. Still, it's been a pretty emotional time for everyone involved. My order book is still nice and full, and I still have emails waiting for an answer, despite my endeavours to keep up! Turns out, running a business while simultaneously looking after a house and two young children is pretty tough! I thank my customers and enquirers for their patience! I continue to look forward to the day, sometime in the future, when the children are at school all day and maybe then I can make Sew Shaw a (nearly) full-time occupation. Until then, I continue to squeeze sewing in between preschool, naps, and CBeebies. Oh, and cups of tea, well I am a Northerner.

Sew x

April 2013
Greetings friends. I received some very sad news today. Life goes on, nappies need changing, meals need cooking and my full order book provides a welcome distraction, but I would ask you all to please forgive me if I take time to respond to emails. For now I just go on going on.
Sew x
February 2013
Greetings! Sew Shaw is now up and running and back in business! I'm afraid my little two month holiday has created rather a long waiting list, I'm booked up until some time in April. However, always happy to receive new enquiries, so drop me an email!
Baby Shaw is doing nicely, and I would be doing nicely if only he would sleep during the night, instead of all day. Ho hum. I'm not sure it is sensible to tackle a sewing needle when I am this sleep deprived, but needs must, and so far, all my fingers remain intact!
It is nice to be back, I missed you all!
Sew x
December 2012
Exciting news ... Baby Shaw arrived safe and well on 9th December. Little Sew is delighted with his new brother. My waiting list for orders is closed for a little while, to give me chance to work out just how I am going to juggle running a business, home and two children (gulp). I will be open for business again in February, so please feel free to drop me an email at

Sew x
June/July/August 2012
Well! 'What happened to the last three months, and did Mr Sew ever use his man bag?' I hear you cry. In answer to the first question, we had some exciting news here at Sew Shaw Towers...we learned that we are soon to welcome a little Sewlet/te into the fold! Yes, Little Sew is soon to have a little brother or sister, sometime in December. As it turns out, running around after a toddler, looking after the home and caring for sick and injured soft toys doesn't half take it out of you...I am far more exhausted than the days when I used to work full time (and that was looking after sick and injured people, which was pretty exhausting I can tell you).
In other news, Little Sew's birthday will soon be upon us again (!) Following last year's cake-baking marathon, I decided to wimp out entirely ... we are all packing our bags and going to Nanny and Grandad Sew's. HURRAH!
Oh, and Mr Sew uses his man bag all the time, but don't tell him I told you :-D
Sew x

April/May 2012

Ok, I admit it. April has sort of flown by, and as I write this entry, I realise it is appearing about 25 days too late. My only defence is that I was hoping no one would notice. I have been inundated with poorly toys, which is lovely, but what I didn't expect was that I would be inundated with a poorly friend, poorly Mr Sew, and poorly Little Sew. And yes, I was poorly too. (I did consider nailing up the front door and painting a cross on the front, but in the end, plague precautions were not necessary). So I find myself rather behind, and trying to catch up (a permanent state of affairs, it seems). I did find time to celebrate Mr Sew's birthday. I wasn't sure if he would go for the man bag I got him, so I decided to embroider his initials on it, so he would have to use it. Actually, I suspect he is rather pleased with it, though I am not sure he would admit that in public.

Sew x

March 2012

Where has this year gone? It doesn't seem five minutes since I was making Christmas stockings, and now here I am, panicking about Simnal cakes! (must get baking). I had a rather successful baking experiment this afternoon. I was in the middle of making chocolate brownies, when I realised my normal supply of chocolate (for cooking purposes only, honest) had dried up. Little Sew was sleeping so I couldn't pop out for more. Turns out, smarties make an excellent substitution for chocolate chunks, and everyone likes a multi-coloured polka dot brownie...I mean, what's not to like?

Sew x

February 2012

Well, the other day I found myself in the lovely position of having a free afternoon. My afternoons are normally spent repairing poorly toys, which is great fun, but at the same time, work. Well, after an extraordinarily hectic couple of weeks, I finished everything on my list, and decided to sit down and make something for myself. I have been suffering in this cold weather, for want of a hat. Well I do own hats, several of them, but some don't fit (I have a bigger than average head, I think) and of the three that fit, two are temporarily misplaced (oops) and one is reserved for camping (warm, but not glamorous). So I decided to make myself a hat...and as I am enjoying a good hair cut at the moment (I was brave and went for a bob) I thought I would complement my 1920s bob with a 1920s inspired hat. I must be careful not to wear it when Young Sew is wearing his lamb outfit....or we may match. I do so love a remnant!

Sew x


January 2012

Happy New Year !!! What a lovely Christmas we had at Sew Shaw Towers. After all my good intentions, I did manage to make a few gifts, including a Kindle cover, a personalised make-up bag, a little fleece baby hat and a piece of embroidery. I also found the time to make Little Sew a lamb costume, for the Church Nativity. Not that I'm biased, but he was the cutest lamb, ever. One of my wonderful Christmas presents was a lovely book on crochet and knitting (well done Mr Sew!). Now, I have tried a lot of crafts (including parchment craft, batik, French knitting, quilling, patchwork, glass painting, cross stitch, jewellery making, embroidery, dressmaking, pebble painting, pebble polishing and, of course, toymaking) but I have never mastered crochet or knitting. (They were on my 'to do' list, in my defence). Seeing as there are four ladies in my life who will be having babies this year, I think 2012 is the perfect year to get knitting. I will keep you updated on my progress...





December 2011

It's nearly Christmas!!! As a wife and mum, I can be in denial no longer...I have a to do list as long as my arm, and most of it is Christmassy. I have managed to make one or two presents (hurrah) and there are a few that need finishing off (must not leave it to the last minute). I have made my Christmas cake (yes, a little late, I know) and, following a pleasing experiment with marzipan and cranberries, I am typing this with a cup of tea in one hand, and a piece of (marzipan and cranberry) cake in the other. I am typing with my third hand...did I mention that I am a mum?

Happy Christmas to you all,

Sew x

November 2011

I love November, mainly because it has my birthday in it (a big one this year, I am in denial). Also, it means it is nearly Christmas. I am trying not to think about the fact that I haven't made my cake yet (was hoping to make it in September), and have not bought or made one single present. My idea of making presents this year does not seem so brilliant and inspired as it did in October.

Trouble is, I keep getting ideas...I want to make Little Sew a Christmas Stocking...and I have a handmade (by me) Nativity set which has Mary, Joseph and Jesus, but is rather lacking the Wise Men and the Shepherds, and let's not think about the sheep. Still, I'm pretty sure the Wise Men didn't turn up until some time in January, so there is still time .....

Better get on with it!

Sew x

October 2011

Life is busy here at the moment. The kitchen is being ripped out, the lounge is full of boxes, as well as the kettle, microwave, fridge get the idea. Baby sew doesn't know what to make of it all. I have placated him with a new fleecy comfort blanket. I picked up a lovely scrap of fleece with stars all over it from the remnant bin. I hemmed the edges, and Hey Presto! A cosy comforter for 50p.

I am forcing myself to look ahead to Christmas. I thought it would be a lovely idea to set myself the challenge of making all the presents this year. I am setting myself up to fail...the current list of close family members is 33, and that doesn't include Mr and Baby Sew. Perhaps Argos has something to offer after all...

We are looking forward heading off on our hols...lots of fresh air and sandy beaches. Long walks in the countryside, and evenings by the fire. And tea and cakes, by the bucketful...can...not...wait. Must get packing...

Sew x

September 2011

If you have a spare moment, why not have a look at my interview with Stitch Silly, on her blog

Baby Sew celebrated his 1st birthday, and I have never made/eaten so much cake! Last evening I got out my sewing basket to make a gift for a lady in America. I signed up to a craft swap earlier in the year (where crafters agree to make a little gift and send it to someone else on the list). Well I received my gift ages ago, but the deadline for sending out gifts was 1st September. Oops. Well I emailed the lady and she was very gracious. Anyway, she likes elephants, so I came up with this:

It is a bookmark, made from a scrap of tweed offcut from a winter coat, and piece of pretty pink braid, that I have never really known what to do with. The elephant is felt, with a little flappy ear. His eye is embroidered in blue silk, and his tail is a little wool plait. I hope she likes it! (Come to think of it, I hope she doesn't see this pic before she has received her will spoil the suprise!) 



Have a great new term, any of you going back to school!

Sew x


August 2011

Ok, so I am writing about August, and we are nearly in September. I have been cooped up in my sewing corner for the last week or so, working on several poorly toys. I am having fun, which must be why time is flying.

I did find the time to make a jewellery roll out of a lovely old jumper of mine, which got felted by accident. It made a very soft felt, and I wouldn't mind making a jewellery roll for myself, as this one is a present for someone.

Baby Sew turns one this month, so I must put my needle and thread down and start thinking about baking!

July 2011

Update: the monkey has his hoody, which turned out to be a tshirt instead. Very cute. The ape has had successful craniofacial surgery and an eye implant, and is recovering well. And the bunny got her new ears, so all is well. Even better, I managed to get the wedding gift made, and the bride was very pleased.


Well July is here, and Sew Shaw Towers is currently a soft toy hospital. I have had an influx of poorly soft toys in need of repair. Injuries include chewed ears, holes in the fur, and one poor ape had a nasty run in with a lightbulb. Also, I am looking forward to making a little hoodie, by special request, to keep one poor monkey patient warm. When all treatment is complete, I have a friend's wedding to look forward to...and a wedding gift to make. Must get cracking...

Bye for now!

Sew x

June 2011

Oh goodness, June already! Well the cot bumpers are finished, joy of joys. They will need some tweaking, though. I should have known that little cotton ties would be no match for Baby Sew. They are going to need straps, maybe a padlock. I miss Fergal (sharky, on his way to a new life in the USA) so I have made another shark. Fergal's cousin, Sean.

I have a list of projects as long as my arm to get started on. I splashed out on two beautiful pieces of fabric, to make myself two new tops. Well one is pinned together, ready to stitch. The other is sitting in my sewing basket, willing me to get on with it.

Before I make a start on those lovely tops, I really should finish Baby Sew's curtains, for his nursery. Especially as I started them before he was born. *Hangs head in shame*.

Happy June

Sew x

May 2011

Baby Sew has developed a habit of banging his feet on the cot sides to let us know he is awake. It was cute at first, now it's getting irritating. The solution, I have decided, is a pair of super-padded cot bumpers, to protect his little feet, and my little sanity.
As his room has a jungle theme, I was chuffed to find a jungle duvet cover in the charity shop, and I used this to make two nice bumpers. Then I got a little over-enthusiastic, and began to stitch round each animal head, creating a lovely quilted effect. I didn't think it through, and many hours of sewing later, the bumpers are not yet finished. I am determined to get the things finished, if it kills me. And it might.
On to happier things, here is a sneaky peak at the keyring collection I have just made, they will be appearing in my shop over the next few days, but here is a preview:
Hope you are all having a happy May,
Sew x