Soft Toy Repairs

Do you have a favourite soft toy or soft doll that has seen better days? Why not see if Sew Shaw can bring your old friend back to their former glory?
Examples of repairs:
repairing rips and tears
replacing missing eyes, noses or other features
repair or replacement of clothing
Even if you think there is no hope for your old friend, you may find that I have a solution you have not thought of.
I also offer a dressmaking/tailoring service for dolls or bears who feel their wardrobe is in need of an update, or even worse, spend their days in nakedness, and are looking for something to protect their modesty.
Though I am able to repair antique dolls and bears, you may prefer to seek the services of a specialist doll/bear restorer.
Ape's Lightbulb Moment
Poor Ape got too close to a lamp, and sustained serious burns to his face, cheek and eye. The fur was frazzled beyond recognition, and the his poor eye was melted.
Following a series of fur transplant procedures, and an eye implant, Ape was restored to his former glory.
William's Tail of Woe
William was a well-loved little kitty. So well-loved, that his fur was badly faded, flat and matted. To add to his troubles, poor William's tail had fallen off, and been roughly repaired.
William's fur had several thin and balding patches. These were carefully darned, then his coat was carefully cleaned and brushed to restore it to its former glory. His tail was removed, repositioned and firmly reattached. I hope you will agree, its taken years off him.
William's owner was delighted:
"Wow what a transformation!  I am thrilled with the results, you have done a marvellous job. I can't remember a time when he looked so good and certainly not fluffy like he is now. Because his fur has been flattened for so many years, I had forgotten how soft it was, and holding him now reminded me how much I used to love cuddling him - which is why his fur got flattened in the first place! I really appreciate your work on him, thank you."                                                                                           Mrs S BW
Bunny's Run in With Thumper
Bunny was introduced to a real life rabbit. The rabbit loved Bunny so much, he nibbled his ears off. Poor bunny's ears were nearly falling off, and he smelled...well he smelled of rabbits.



Bunny's inner ears were too chewed to be saved, but one piece was used to patch his poor nibbled paw. New ear linings were attached, his ears were stitched back into place, and before long he was as good as new. He also became acquainted with a bottle of Febreze.

Mr Monkey's New Wardrobe    
Poor Mr Monkey was well loved by his young owner. He had holes appearing all over his body, and his little blue vest was looking a little worn.
The holes were patched up, and Mr Monkey ordered his new summer wardrobe, a t-shirt and denim shorts.
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