Prices are calculated on the basis of complexity of repair, materials required, hours of workmanship and postage. Please email for a quote, but to give you an idea, this the Sew Shaw pricing structure:

Category A:  £100+
Extensive, very complex, complicated or time consuming work. (Sewing time several weeks.) For example a complete or partial remake of toy.

Category B: £70-£100
Complex, difficult or time consuming work. (Sewing time 1 week or more.) Examples include darning large areas of worn fur, or reconstruction following fire damage.

Category C: £50-£70
Simple, straightforward or quick repairs. (Sewing time a few days.) Examples include surface cleaning, restuffing small toys or top-up stuffing, reattaching (undamaged) ears or tails.

Category D: £30-£50
Super quick, straightforward repairs. (Sewing time one day or less.) For example, repairing a small tear in a seam, top-up stuffing for a small toy.

Please note that this is a guide only. Prices may be affected by postage costs, cost of materials or express service. Please email for a specific quote.

Sewing time does not include time involved in research, sourcing materials, waiting for materials to arrive, etc. I will indicate how long your toy will be away from home on point of booking in by email.
Parcels will be sent by Royal Mail, or via a courier, depending on size and shape of parcel.