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Red Lipped Bat Fish
No, I had never heard of them either. I had a request to make one of these for someone who is an expert in such things...when I searched Google Image, I nearly had a fit. Anyway, the end result was quite appealing, in his own, unique kind of way...(don't have nightmares).


Soft Dolls - designed with babies in mind
These dolls are made from soft cotton, and filled with polyester filling. Their features are embroidered onto felt, so there are no beads or buttons that can be pulled off. They are washable too!
Fergal the Porbeagle Shark
Made of soft cotton, and filled with polyester filing, Fergal is an accurate representation of a Porbeagle shark, but with a friendlier smile, and a respectable 25cm from nose to tail. His features are embroidered, so Fergal's bark is worse than his bite. (Do sharks bark?)

Tarquin the Turquoise Tortoise
Tarquin is a large fellow, measuring approximately 75cm from his nose to the tip of his tail. He is made of new polyester fleece, and his spots are made from reused fabrics, cottons, velvet and jersey. His tummy is cotton check (new) and his eyes are felt. He is very good with older children (and does not mind at all if they sit on him), but due to his stuffing of polystyrene beads, he is not suited to children under 3, especially as he does not like his tail being pulled.
Daisy May
Daisy is a petite little miss, measuring approximately 10cm high. She is made from felt, with wool hair. Her body is firm foam, and her head is stuffed with polyester toy stuffing. Her daisy is appliqued on, and this is her favourite outfit. Her features are embroidered or appliqued. Due to her delicate nature, she tends to fall to pieces around children, so prefers to keep company with those over 14. She likes to sit on your desk and offer wise words of encouragement as you attempt to finish that project you've been putting off.
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Rosy Lee
Rosy, like her sister, is 10cm tall, stuffed with foam and polyester stuffing and a felt face. Her dress is made of soft, fuzzy fleece, with an appliqued heart. Her hair is made of fur, and her pretty headscarf is made of lace. She wears her hair in a ponytail, down her back (like her mother taught her). She is constantly daydreaming, and is most at home on dressing tables, amongst the hair pins, so that she can gaze up into your mirror. Rosy is nervous of children under 14, and is best kept out of their way due to her sensitivities, and long hair.
Available for purchase. Contact sewshaw@gmailcom
Leticia met Daisy and Rosy on a foreign exchange trip. As they have a lot in common (foam filling, felt face, wool hair and embroidered features) they are all firm friends. Leticia has a more daring sense of fashion, and this is her favourite party dress, with ruffle skirt (formerly an offcut of lampshade fringe). She does not get on with children under 14, due to a hair-pulling incident. She likes to be the centre of attention, and would be delighted to be given a place of honour on the mantle piece, but would accept a bookshelf, near the travel books.
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Bride and Groom Cake Topper (framed) 
I made these for our wedding cake (traditional fruit cake with royal icing, if you're interested). The bride's dress and veil were made from offcuts from the real dress and veil, with lace detailing. The bride carries artificial roses in a bouquet, and in her hair (made from embroidery silk). The groom's trousers, waistcoat and jacket are made from felt. The waistcoat was embroidered to match the real thing. Both bride and groom wear glasses, embroidered in silver thread. After the honeymoon, the cake toppers moved in to this box frame, to preserve them in a dust free condition.
Grandad Cake Topper
Made in the image of a real Grandad, this little chap stood on a special retirement cake. He has now retired to the china cabinet, where he resides among the teacups. 
Kofta the Newborn Lamb
Kofta is made of faux sheepskin, with felt features. He works in a vet school, teaching vet students how to birth newborn lambs that have got themselves into tricky positions in the womb. To help him in this important work, his legs are jointed at the knee and hip, and his neck is flexible. He is weighted in the head and body. He claims to be a distant relative of 'Larry the Lamb', and should not be given to children, he is far too dramatic. (He would not be in the photo shoot until we found him an apple.)
Sweetheart Pocket
Here is a little sweetheart, made from a much loved jumper, which was felted by accident :( There is a little pocket at the back, where you can leave little love letters...or keep your jewellery safe while you sleep. The possibilities are endless.
The Smallfellow Teds
These little chaps are approximately 5cm high, the perfect size to hide in a pocket. They are made from felt, and are not suitable for young children. They are quite appropriate for older children and adults.
Lilac bear available for purchase. Contact
Wedding Cake Toppers, Mr and Mrs Teddington
These lovely teds would be proud to adorn the top of any special wedding cake. They are made of felt, and stitched by hand. Mrs Teddington is dressed in a white lace gown (some say that's where Kate Middleton got the idea), with a matching veil. If you look carefully, you may see her sparkly new wedding ring. Mr Teddington wears a felt top hat, and a smile.

Waving Dolly Brooch
This little lady will surely put a smile on your face. She is made of felt, and has a brooch pin stitched to her behind (not very dignified, but necessary) so that she can be pinned to your jacket, bag or hat.
Cheeky Frog Brooch
I collect frogs, so I felt that a cheeky frog brooch was quite a suitable project. He is embroidered in wool onto felt, and has a brooch pin stitched on at the back. He looks great pinned to your jacket, bag or hat, to add a touch of individuality.
Purple Posy Brooch
This little brooch was designed with elegance in mind. It is embroidered in wool onto felt. This is a brooch for those that feel too old to wear froggy faces and waving dollys, but are not ready for proper grown up brooches just yet. This is one of my favourites.
Heart Brooch
Another of my favourites, this little heart is embroidered in wool onto felt. It looks very sweet pinned onto your hat, jacket or bag. Quite romantic, I think. Would make a lovely gift for a loved one.
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