Hello! Welcome to the online home of Sew Shaw, created by Sarah Shaw.

I am a soft toy maker and repairer, and I am pleased to offer a Soft Toy Repair Service. All soft toys are considered, old or new, threadbare or chewed, no matter how poorly!

I run my business alongside raising my three little Shawlets (not so little anymore...) so my working hours are limited to when they're not around. 

As of 2018, we have relocated to new premises (i.e. we moved house) which is very exciting but does mean that I left behind my lovely study, and now work from a large cupboard (boo!) until 2019 when the extension is built and I will have a shiny new office (yay!

I hope you enjoy having a look around the Sew Shaw website. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

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